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We work with partners, different lenders, and credit unions nationwide to provide Personal and Business Lines of Credit, with no restrictions, to all types of businesses, whether the company is just starting and wants to have a startup capital or a seasoned business that needs more money to grow. Considering the timing to seek such loans, there are many mistakes that businesses make and 2 of the top reasons businesses struggle is because:

1) Individuals wait too long to seek financing.

2) They fail to consider all options for financing. That’s where we come in. We strive to make the process to secure funds as simple as possible while providing a wide array of options to fit your needs. Just because we offer Personal and Business loans doesn’t mean that a Credit Card wouldn’t be your best option. Consider what is best for you in your individual circumstances. We also give you the lowest interest rates without making you jump through hoops.

Unsecured Business Loan/Line of Credit

It's like they always say: "It takes money to make money!", and The Money Kingdom understands that. We want to help you gain access to the cash that you need for Personal reasons, or to expand your business and see maximum return on your investment. Sometimes, you just need a company to have a little faith in you, to make your dreams become a reality. We accomplish this by providing Personal and  Business Loans and Credit lines that you need in order to become more successful and improve your business—or even, in some cases, start a business from scratch.

So many driven individuals have an idea to start a successful business, or they may want to diversify their existing business and add more options to their product line. Whatever the end goal, if you have a business idea in mind, whether starting a new company from the ground up or improving an already existing entity, don’t let that vision fade because you don’t have the financial means to make it a reality. Taking your business plan to the next level is a decision that you will never regret, especially when you see how much revenue you are generating compared to the cost of your initial investment.


Start Up Line Of Credit

The Money Kingdom can help you get  you Personal Loans, Unsecured Funding for your startup, Real Estate Financing, Revenue Based Loans, Lines of Credit, and Business Credit cards. The best part is that you don’t need to worry about stressful Pre-Approval processes and other Pre-Loan hassles imposed upon you by other companies. We pride ourselves in offering services that are pain-free by providing the following assurances, just to name a few:

680+ Credit Score(THE HIGHER THE BETTER!)

Personal Loans

Business Loans

No Upfront Fees

Unsecured business credit will not affect your personal credit score

      No restrictions on unsecured business credit lines.


We have already mentioned some of our products, here are some of the other services we offer:

Personal Loans

Business Loans

Real Estate Financing

Revenue-Based Loans/Financing

Lines Of Credit

Unsecured Business Credit Cards

Rehab/Flip Loans


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