Bridge Funding

What is Bridge Funding?

A bridge loan is a type of private money loan used for short term financing.

Bridge Funding is a type of interim financing for an individual or business until permanent financing is obtained.

Bridge Loans are usually a bit more expensive than conventional financing to compensate for the additional risk.

Bridge financing typically has a term from 12 months to 5 years.

All credit types are considered.

Bad credit ok as long as there is equity in the collateral being pledged.

  • Fast turnaround and commitment

  • Close in five days

  • Lend for acquisition, refinance and note purchases

    Loan Parameters

    Real Estate Financing ($100,000 up to $5MM+)
    Collateral: Commercial, Land, Multifamily & Residential properties nationwide
    Security: 1st, 2nd & selective 3rd lien positions
    Cross-Collateralization up to 70% Combined LTV
    Minimum FMV $200,000/property
    Term: 12 – 60 months (Interest Only & Custom Amortization)
    No minimum FICO


    $4MM Bridge Loan

    A developer was seeking $4MM bridge loan as a first mortgage

    to facilitate the acquisition of a prime development site in Chicago.

    Developer intended to build luxury condos.

    The bridge loan would be repaid once a permanent construction loan comes from his bank.

    Result: Approved for $4MM bridge loan. Funded in fourteen days.


    $400,000 Bridge Loan in 7 Days

     A high net worth real estate developer had an investment opportunity with great upside.

    However, he was not liquid and needed to act on the opportunity quickly.

    Result: $400,000, 12-month, interest only bridge

    loan secured by 2nd lien on a separate property owned by the borrower (8-unit apartment building).


    $580,000 Bridge Loan

    A home builder faced a cash shortfall to fund the

    escrow account to construct a $15MM spec-home development.


    Result: $580,000, 12-months with 12 month extension secured

    by 2nd liens on three unrelated properties and other assets (unsecured note and gold).

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