Asset based financing is a type of business lending that is secured by assets pledged by the borrowing company.

We allow for a variety of assets to be used as collateral to secure the loan.

Our versatile loan program allows us to close deals that others can’t.

We are flexible and can analyze your special situation and build a loan that meets your needs.

Loans close quickly so you have your money in a few days.


• Real Estate ( Multifamily, Condo, Office, Retail, Hotel,
 Industrial, Mixed-Use, Land)
• Construction & Heavy Equipment
• Medical Equipment
• Cash Value of Life Insurance
• Notes & Mortgages Receivable
• Gold


Real Estate Financing ($100,000 up to $5MM+)
Collateral: Commercial, Multifamily & Residential properties nationwide
Security: 1st, 2nd & selective 3rd lien positions
Cross-Collateralization up to 70% Combined LTV
Minimum FMV $200,000/property
Term: 12 – 60 months (Interest Only & Custom Amortization)
No minimum FICO

Structured Financing/Working Capital ($100,000 up to $5MM+)
Refinancings, Turnarounds, Workouts, Business Expansion, Acquisitions
Qualified Collateral:
•    Equipment (minimum loan is $20,000)
•    Commercial/Residential Real Estate (1st, 2nd or 3rd Lien) (minimum loan is $100,000)
Equipment—Minimum $20,000 Auction Value per unit (2004 or newer)
Trucks — Minimum $20,000 Auction Value per unit (2005 or newer)
Real Estate—Minimum FMV $200,000/Property
No minimum FICO
12-60 month terms




$400,000 Working Capital To Expand Practice

Dentist requests $400,000 to use as working capital to expand his  dental practice.

He has poor credit with multiple late pays and overdrafts.

His collateral is his personal home that has $800,000 equity.

Result: Approved for $400,000 using personal residence as collateral.



$2MM Working Capital & Loan Payoffs

Customer owns a commercial building worth $13MM. 

The property has $6MM in equity.

Customer seeks $2MM for loan payoffs and working capital. Loan funded in 8 days.

Result: Approved for $2MM using commercial building as collateral.



$50,000 Working Capital

A Chili Pepper Farmer  needed working capital because the operation’s cash flow was cyclical.

The borrower needed the funds to assist with harvesting costs.

Result: $50,000 for 2 years fully amortizing loan secured by 6 John Deere and Case tractors.


$250,000 Partner Buy-Out

The managing partner of a bar needed to buy out his partners for cash.

The bar didn’t have assets to secure financing and the managing partner’s credit score was 500.

The managing partner owned a home with both a 1st and 2nd mortgage.

There was sufficient equity for us to provide the necessary capital in a 3rd lien position.

Result: We provided a 60-month $250,000 loan.

Interest only for the first 12 months then fully amortizing,

enabling our client to buy out his partners without compromising cash flow.



$115,000 Refinance of Merchant Cash Advance Loans

A beauty care retailer had multiple cash advance loans

that weren’t helping the customer grow the business because of the large daily payments.

Result: $115,000 long term loan secured by equipment and a junior lien

on business owner’s home preserved cash flow to fund growth.


$175,000 Working Capital

 A software/IT company  didn’t possess a lot of hard assets but needed funding to grow the business.

Result: $175,000 long term funding to help grow the business

was secured by a 2nd lien on the business owner’s home.


$146,000 Refinanced Credit Card Debt

An orthodontist was buried in nearly $150,000 of credit card debt and expensive working capital loans that consumed his cash flow and had ruined his credit score.

 We discovered the orthodontist owned unsecured dental equipment

and had equity in his home and a condominium.
•    With the equipment and 2nd liens on the house and condominium as collateral

we refinanced all of the existing debt owed to 7 creditors.
$146,000 long term funding solution that allowed reduced overall payments


$630,000 Project Completion

A high net worth real estate entrepreneur needed immediate liquidity to complete a project.

Result: $630,000 loan, 5 years fully amortizing secured by 2nd liens on four under leveraged properties.                                         

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