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Example Loan:

Loan Amount: $40,000.00

Monthly Payment: $1,229.97

Loan Term: 36 Months

APR: 9.49%

The operator of this website is not a Lender, but a Broker.

We shop your loan to 909 lenders without "running" your credit until you are pre-approved. We do not make credit decisions, and do not charge any application fees.

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Advance terms, conditions, and policies vary.

Cash transfer times may vary between providers and may depend on your individual financial institution. Advance repayment periods vary by business
factors such as time in business, industry and business cash flow.

Upfront fees are never required.

Privacy Policy: What Does THE MONEY KINGDOM Do With Your Personal Information?

First, On loan applications, we carefully view your application for mistakes, typos, missed answers etc. If you have any of these, we notify you by email or phone of them. If none of the above apply, a member of management will decide whether to pre-approve you or
not. If you are not pre-approved you will be emailed with options. 
If you are pre-approved, we will call you within 24 business hours.
Only after speaking with you will we request docs if not sent, process your loan, lenders will run your credit

THE MONEY KINGDOM does not run credit, only our lenders in our circle of over
909 to date.

This notice takes precedence over any contrary item listed below... which is in your best interest to cut down on spam, for your protection.

We only share your info with our lenders once you are pre-approved and contacted.


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