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We  care about our clients. We take great pride in providing the fastest lawsuit Settlement Funding and Cash Advances at the lowest rates possible to individuals and families who have been under pressure to pay their rent, mortgages, health care bills and other important daily living expenses that can’t wait while your lawsuit settlement is pending.

We operate in all 50 states and work hard to provide the Litigation Funding you need to pay your bills as quickly as possible. If you have a question about any of our services, whether it’s a cash advance for a pending lawsuit, a lump sum payment you’d like against a structured settlement, or if you’re interested in Pre-Settlement Funding on commercial litigation or any type of lawsuit loan, our staff is available to answer all your questions, and get you a cash advance for the highest amount possible.

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Lawsuit Funding

Plaintiffs in the midst of a lawsuit often find themselves in a financial bind. For some, surgeries, medications, hospital stays, and physical therapy are required for healing. Others are faced with covering the void left by a legally contested commercial endeavor. Meanwhile, other expenses may continue to pile up, including those for the mortgage, transportation, insurance, and childcare. Lost wages, loss of a business, and other financial losses related to the lawsuit can quickly deplete a family of their savings.

These types of financial difficulties may ultimately pressure a plaintiff into settling for a lesser amount than what he or she deserves in suit. If you are going through a personal injury lawsuit and you’re feeling the financial crunch, you do have options. The Money Kingdom can help you get lawsuit funding that can help you maintain your financial stability while your attorney continues to pursue a fair and just settlement award or jury verdict. And unlike consumer loans or home equity loans, legal funding requires you to pay nothing unless you win your case.


How lawsuit advance funding can help

When you are injured because of an accident, medical malpractice, or the negligence of a pharmaceutical or medical device company, everything can change, and change quickly. Suddenly you have not only the injury to deal with, along with the resulting medical care and recovery, but the time away from work, the legal ramifications, and the well being of your family.

Some claims can be resolved within a reasonable amount of time, but others may stretch out longer than expected. An insurance company may deny a claim, the two sides may not be able to come to an immediate agreement, or the courts may delay trial dates because of the number of lawsuits filed.

In these circumstances, financial problems can quickly become devastating. Families may soon find themselves facing home foreclosure, vehicle repossession, or the inability to continue to pay for needed medical insurance. Even the funds for groceries and transportation can eventually become out of reach.

Families needing help don’t need to consider bankruptcy or settle for a lower settlement amount. Litigation Funding offers a better alternative.


How legal funding companies work

Legal funding companies  provide you with a lawsuit advance that can help you stay financially afloat while waiting for your lawsuit settlement. Our Funder has among the lowest interest rates in the industry, and there is no cost to apply. Simply complete the online application or give us a call, and we’ll take it from there.

Once we have your information, we will work with your attorney to process your file and answer any questions about the case. We offer a fast and easy 24-hour approval with no credit check and no employment verification. It costs you nothing for a free quote, and as mentioned, if you lose your case, you pay nothing.

When you are approved, we can overnight your check or transfer funds electronically into your account.


Apply for your lawsuit advance today

If you’re facing a difficult financial future and are feeling the pressure to quickly settle your lawsuit, consider the advantages Pre-Settlement Funding can offer. By simply filling out the online application or giving us a call, you give yourself another option for your family’s future. The application is free and there are no up-front fees.

It’s your future. Let us help.

Why apply for legal funding?

In some cases, your case may move along fairly quickly. The parties may come to a quick agreement on a settlement, or the insurance company may view the accident as you do and agree to pay the damages.

In many instances, however, things don’t go so smoothly. You may be suing a defendant that has every intention of defending the case, and the proceedings may take months or even years to get through the court system. In the meantime, you may be facing significant expenses.

These may include:

Medical care

Physical therapy


Property damages

Loss of wages

Pending bankruptcy

Out-of-pocket expenses related to the case or the injury

Family emergencies

Regular bills such as the mortgage, car payments, etc.

As you wait for your lawsuit to go to court, you may find your savings dwindling, while your financial expenditures continue to increase. This can put you in a vulnerable position. Without the proper funds to take care of yourself and your family, you may feel pressured to take a lower settlement amount than you the help you deserve. This is where Litigation Funding Cash  Advance can help.


Lawsuit advance funding is not a loan

You may feel cautious about applying for legal funding, concerned that it will only set you up for additional financial strain down the road. This type of funding, however, differs from a regular loan, in that it is advanced to you in anticipation of a successful case.

Yes, you will pay the funds back should your lawsuit be successful, but if it’s not, you will not be stuck with another payment you can’t handle. The Funding Company accepts all the risk.  The pre settlement funding is an advance on your future winnings.

All you have to do is fill out the online application. We’ll contact your attorney to answer questions about the case, and will have a decision to you within 24 hours.


Apply for Pre Settlement Lawsuit Funding Today

If you’re in the middle of a lawsuit and simply can’t wait any longer to receive your settlement, apply for lawsuit advance funding today with us. We have the lowest rates in the industry, and charge you nothing to apply. There are no up-front costs, and you will have no monthly payments. We give you a free quote, and you are under no obligation.

Don’t settle your case for less because of financial pressures. We can help you get the settlement you deserve. Fill out the online application or call 904-800-7971


Post Settlement Funding

If you are in need of post settlement funding for virtually any type of litigation, The Money Kingdom is here to help. We have years of experience providing both post settlement and pre-settlement funding, getting you immediate access to cash when you need it most. At The Money Kingdom, we understand that even after a lawsuit settlement has been reached it takes time – sometimes many months – to receive your compensation payments.

As medical bills, rent, mortgage payments and living expenses continue to pile up, financial stress can be incredibly worrisome, especially in cases when you’re unable to work. If you’re in this situation, and have yet to receive your settlement award, our post settlement funding program is ready to work for you.


Post settlement lawsuit funding: quick cash for your settled case

A Lawsuit Cash Advance is the solution to your financial stress. Instead of waiting months for your lawsuit settlement funds to be released, we’ll provide a cash advance to you quickly – usually within one day – of receiving your application. There are absolutely zero hidden fees, upfront expenses, or risks to you. You can use the cash right away for whatever you need, whether it’s to cover general living expenses, pay your mortgage, or  to avoid bankruptcy.

There are many advantages of a lawsuit advance. Our Funders offers the lowest interest rates in the industry and a fast, 24-hour approval. Remember, this isn’t a typical loan, but a cash advance on your lawsuit settlement called a non-recourse loan. There’s no need to prove income and no credit check. We can help avoid the drawn-out waiting periods to receive your settlement, and get your money overnight!


We offer lawsuit funding for many kinds of Lawsuits

From commercial litigation to personal injury, we can provide a lawsuit cash advance on many types of cases; here are some examples:

Airplane Accident/Plane Crash Lawsuits

Auto/Truck/SUV Rollover Accidents

Fire/Explosion Cases/Burn Injuries

Construction Accidents

Dog Bites

Employment Discrimination

Insurance Law

Maritime/Jones Act Litigation

Motorcycle Accidents

Nursing Home Neglect/Abuse

Premises Liability/Slip/Fall

Product Liability/Toxic Chemicals

Spinal Cord Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Train Accidents(FELA) Workers' Compensation(Limited), Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Medical Malpractice

Birth Injuries

Consumer Fraud

Vehicle Accidents

Defective Products

Premises Liability

Wrongful Termination


Easy approval, fast cash advance on your litigation settlement

Our Funding Source is the leading provider of post settlement funding. If you choose to work with us, you can be confident that we assume the risk of the defendant’s non-payment. Remember there’s no obligation to you and no hidden costs; our online application makes the process easy. Upon approval, we’ll send your money overnight. It’s that simple.

Our representatives are here to help you through every step.


How it Works

3 Easy Steps:

Legal Funding is easy and painless with The Money Kingdom. The application process is very quick. There is no credit check and no employment verification. Here’s how it works:

Step 1) Complete the free application

The application for Lawsuit Advance Funding is easy – just answers some basic questions. There is no cost and you are under no obligation to accept funding once you are approved.

Step 2) We contact your attorney

We will contact your attorney and request information about your case. The amount of funding you can receive is based on the type of case you have, and several other factors, including severity.

Step 3) Decision within 24 hours

You will receive a decision within 24 hours.  We make the application and approval process as fast and easy as possible; we will approve your case for a range of advance funding, and you can decide how much of an advance you would like to receive.

Receive your check overnight!

Once you are approved,  you can receive your check by overnight mail, or funds can be wired into your account electronically.


How much legal funding can I get?

One of the most important questions when considering PRE-SETTLEMENT FUNDING is how much of it you can get. At The Money Kingdom, a client’s financial needs are always paramount, so there are no fixed minimum or maximum amounts for a cash advance on your pending lawsuit award or structured settlement.

We will evaluate the strength of your case in accordance with your monetary needs to determine the amount we can advance. Generally speaking, this can range from as little as $5000 to more than $2,000,000.

Is Pre Settlement Funding a loan?

No. Our Pre And Post Settlement Funding services are cash advances on your future settlement awards, known as non-recourse loans. That means if you lose your case, you owe The Funding Source Nothing! There’s zero risk to you and no obligations.

Pre and Post Settlement Funding: answers to your financial worries

At THE MONEY KINGDOM, we understand that litigation takes time, and even if your case settles, months or years may pass before you receive your cash award.  While you wait, bills and general living expenses continue to pile up, putting incredible financial strain on you and your loved ones.  Avoid the threat of bankruptcy or foreclosure, and tackle your overwhelming debt by contacting us for LAWSUIT FUNDING today. Our easy online application and 24-approval gives you quick access to cash when you need it most.

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